Yiling Pharma got the first CMO deal in 2018 from a client is from South Africa and the drug will be launched in South Africa.

Yiling Pharma has a vertically organized manufacturing infrastructure that is supported by the R&D department and is implemented through Standard Operating Procedures.

Our EU&US GMP-compliant facilities consist of high-end production lines capable of producing pharmaceutical products in a wide range of oral solid dosage forms with 6 billion annual capacity through a range of manufacturing processes as well as corresponding individualized packaging.

Yiling Pharma has been one of the largest CMO manufacturers in China, producing about 900 batches per year, and the products are delivered to USA, UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and other markets around the world.

Business Scope

Own Drugs Development, Registration and Marketing

In/Out Licensing

■ Contract Manufacture:Commercial product 

■ Contract Manufacture: Small batches for clinical trial