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6 billion units



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In 1992, Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.was initially founded by Professor Wu Yiling,a prominent member of China Academy of Engineering, and the company was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. With more than 16,000 employees, Yiling Group has multiple subsidiaries around the world. Yiling Group continues to grow steadily and robustly, with annual revenue exceeding USD 1.25 Billion in 2021, Yiling has developed into a great integrated pharmaceutical company which worth over USD 6.25 Billion.Read More

Production System

  • Shijiazhuang FDF Site

    Land Area: 553,333㎡; Workshops(chemical): 3; Capacity: 6-26 billion OSD units,0.42 billion Injection(Under construction); Employees: 440+

  • Beijing Miyun FDF Site

    Land Area: 66,667㎡; Workshops: 2; Capacity: 0.4 billions units; Employees: 60+

  • Hengshui API Site

    Land Area: 337,122㎡; Workshops: 4; Capacity: -1500MT; Employees: 260+

Quality Certificate