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Build a platform in line with EU and US GMP standards and lay a foundation for internationalization.


The goal of the first step strategic planning of chemical&bio-medicines sector of Yiling Group is to “Cutting-in by Contract Manufacturing”, that is building production workshops and quality management system in accordance with EU and US GMP standards,to carry out manufacture and export of Finished Drug Products for domestic and international enterprises, including pharmaceutical R&D institutions, large pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical commercial companies (MAH holders). Yiling Pharmaceutical Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Yiling Pharma”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as”Yiling Group”), undertakes the development business of the international and domestic markets of chemical&bio-medicines.

At present, the first goal of Yiling Pharma has achieved. Yiling pharma has two production sites, located in Shijiazhuang and Beijing Miyun. Both sites have passed multiple GMP inspections conducted by US FDA, EU and other authorities. The latest US FDA inspection was carried out on  April 2022, and Yiling Pharma approved very successfully. Shijiazhuang site could have multiple production line for general tablets and capsules, and Beijing Miyun site could produce anti-cancer and high-potent drugs. Multiple products manufactured by Yiling Pharma have been launched in PIC/S member countries, which also shows that Yiling pharma’s quality management system has been recognized in the international market. Yiling pharma will continue to optimize capacity and pipelines to promote  markets diversification and further increase gross profit margin.

At the same time, Yiling Pharma has also carried out a differentiated business positioning according to the market and the company’s development needs.Taking advantage of the integration of chemical drug R&D, production and sales, Yiling pharma engages in the pharmaceutical research and development, clinical trial processing, commercial production and marketing of innovative drugs and improved new drugs from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical R&D institutions, production enterprises and commercial companies. At present, it has cooperated with a number of companies on multiple first-class new drugs and sustained and controlled release preparations. Yiling Pharma has repeatedly been awarded the title of “Representative Enterprise for the Processing of Clinical Samples of New Drugs in China” issued by industry organizations, and its brand and industry influence have gradually expanded.