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Contact: Ms. Aki Ding
Position: Director of Sales
Mob: +86-13621685343
Email: akiding@yiling.com

Contact: Mr Lu Xuezhi
Position: API& Intermediates  CDMO Biz
Mob: +86-13810627370
E-mail: luxuezhi@yiling.cn

Contact: Ms. Wang Yanyan
Position: Director of FDF CMO Collaboration
Mob: +86-13663219795
Email: wangyanyan@yiling.com

Contact: Ms. Adele Kong
Position: Senior Manager of FDF CMO Collaboration
Mob: +86-18767696713
Email: adele.kong@yiling.com

Contact: Ms. Rita Han
Position: Manager of International Sales Department
Mob: +86-13931186353
Email: rita.han@yiling.com